Hamer Nasi Ethiopia Tour & Travel

Hamer Nasi Ethiopia Tour and Travel is a private tour operator, with head office in Addis Ababa. The managers of staffs are Ethiopian, They have an extensive knowledge of Culture religion, and land of Ethiopia, as well as many years experienced in tourism.
Our aim is to operate with in the field of tourism while maintain the utmost respect for indigenous culture and the environment, particularly the traditions and natural retrace of each people. In a country such as ours, where to tourist industry is still in its early stages, we believe that it can be developed in to an exchange based on mutual respect and understanding.
We are local travel agency, based in beautiful Addis Ababa. We are experts in how we serve you and provide you the best tourist experience, and flexibility to amend and change the tour according to your wishes. Our prices are competitive! Compare to other agencies, and we are sure you will be happy with Hammer Travel Ethiopia. We guarantee our tours rates in given time.
Your site Manager and agency Senior Tours Operators
Mr. Asfaw Aynalem is working with a highly experienced group, specializing in many kinds of tours. He has been originally came from Lower Omo Valley from Hamer tribes. He was born and grew in Hamer and he speaks the Hamer language fluently. And also he speaks the different local languages of Omo Valley. Now a days he established and works for his tour company named by his tribe name, “Hamer Nasi Ethiopia Tour and Travel”. Because we love Ethiopia too, we would like our tourists to have the best possible stay in here, whatever the budget. We will consider and appreciate your request because you are our interest!!!
We provide contact page for our customers to help with any inquiries and to provide fast replies for your travel queries...
We know that your time is important and we want to serve you as quickly as possible. After all, time is Gold.
The key to success 
The key to success in any trip is the guide and ours are the best educated and the most dedicated in Ethiopia. Most of our guides are fluent in multiple languages. They are easy to understand and comprehend whether your native tongue is English, Spanish or French. They extend themselves to make certain you have a full understanding of your surroundings. You will feel at home, able to enjoy the tour in a relaxed manner, comfortable in the knowledge that everything has been well planned